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Huge Lag with FRAPS 4K 60FPS

Hey guys,


I've been trying to record some gameplay with FRAPS and it was just terrible, Resolution wasn't even 4k it was 1440p on runescape NXT Ultra settings. 

I recorded to the same harddrive as my game is running from. 


The file size was 3-4gb for only 30 seconds of video. Could it be that my HDD just isn't fast enough for this kind of recordings? 

As it probably needs 3 or 4/ 30=  100 to 133mb/s writing speed atleast.



GTX 1080

1TB HDD 7200rpm

250GB SSD samsung 850 evo.


By the way, I tried recording it to my ssd and I got smooth 60fps gameplay and recording. 


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no, fraps is just so horribly outdated that its not even funny anymore. i see you have a gtx 1080, just use shadow play (its now called share since the gfx 3.0 update)

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Yup above is true, Fraps can cut your frames in half. I've had the paid version for years I used it before there were any other decent software alternatives. As said use shadowplay.

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FRAPS wouldn't be my choice for game recording. Dxtory is worthy of testing (has 30day trial) if you want to record higher resolutions. But HDD is also problem. You should consider getting high capacity SSD for recording.

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