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  1. Getting some strange lighting issues on Hitman 3, see here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBYlcKp28vg playing on; 3090 5950x 32 gb 1tb Gen4 NVME 1440p on Odyssey g7 Previous levels have been ok, not noticing anything on any other game. Have tried on drivers released 7/1/2021 and 26/1/2021.
  2. I did like things a bit more when they were more small scale, working out of a house, were a bit more jank and tried stuff like whole room water cooling.
  3. There is still supply with some of the system builders. I was gonna build a new machine and, like many, was waiting for stock at multiple places. Then I saw one of the builders in the UK had 3090s and 5950x in stock. 3070 was in stock too but no 3080 or would have had one of them. Only other 5 series available was 5600. So ordered a system with the 2 top boys in it. Paid more than I wanted but it's here now and I can at least get on with things.
  4. Hope you all get all the tech you deserve in 2021, may new GPU's flow freely.
  5. If you are into real high end eye candy I'd probably for the G7. At 27", depending on distance, 4k might not make sense. Plus if you want the best looks you gotta be running as much ultra/insane/very high as possible, with ray tracing of course. If you want a sensible frame rate (average above 60) at 4k with the above settings even 3080 won't guarantee it in all games and if you're spending that much you want a little performance future proofing. At 4k you wont get that and if looks is what you want 4k does scale to 1080 but you'll never go, happily, back to 1080 after 4k.
  6. Off, Geralt's hair looks ridiculous with it on. The performance hit is a secondary consideration.
  7. If there's not going to be a disc drive on the PS5 then there will be no true backwards compatibility as you won't be able to play your PS4 discs on it. If you want to play a game, you own on PS4 disc, you'll have to buy the digital copy. That's almost certain. So by conceding there may not be a disc drive, you have to accept no backwards compatibility. Sony aren't going to just let you, download a game for free, just because you have a copy of the PS4 disc. The only way it will work is if you've already bought a digital copy from PS store, they can then confirm purchase and allow you to downl
  8. Ok, I'll have to end here. You ignore every piece of evidence out there and continue on with unproved theories. History shows that a PS4 that was released without backwards compatibility and which had a very poor catalogue upon release, and for some months after, sold by the bucket. It became one of the strongest selling consoles in history. But you say "this time there will be a shitstorm" but offer no evidence to back this up. I never said no backwards compatibility would increase sales of PS5, i just stated that after what has happened with PS4 they will not offer i
  9. I understand what you are saying with regards to the technical issues, technically it would be very easy, I get that. But to say there "is literally no reason" not to have backwards compatibility is hugely naive. If they think, for an instant, they can AGAIN not offer backwards compatibility and instead charge for streaming or digi download, then there's a very good chance they will do this. There is no technical reason not to offer the functionality but there is a huge financial incentive not to offer the service, that you either don't accept this premise or can't see it is surprising, espec
  10. No backwards com No backwards compatibility didn't cause a shitstorm this gen, did it? PS4 has sold massively (70 million in 4 years compared to PS3 85 million in 11 years). That's why Sony are more likely not to offer it, not offering it hasn't harmed them at all
  11. I never commented on the technical reasons for backwards compatibility, so your wall of text is a bit premature. I just stated I didn't think there would be backwards compatibility. My reason for this assumption is that they would rather offer digital sales or a subscription steaming service. Network infrastructure is improving all the time and will have improved even more by the time a new console is out, so streaming and digital sales are much less likely to be hampered by patchy broadband services. There's a good argument that the next consoles will be digital only and may not e
  12. I'd recommend one for BOTW alone. Bought one played the hell outta that game and hardly used since. Don't regret the purchase.
  13. If you want to play the exclusives then get the PS4, no point in waiting for PS5. Too many games will release between now and then so, even if you could play these games on PS5, you likely won't. Can't see PS5 being backwards compatible, they'll want to sell their games via digital back catalogue and/or streaming service.
  14. There is a fence merchant. You can sell to the Miller, Theresa's uncle, for full price or other Millers for a reduced price. They have to have systems like this (people being able to spot stolen goods) or else the in-game economy would be worthless. In real life people's morals or fear of punishment keep them from stealing stuff, in a game world, these checks don't exist. We have no moral qualm about in-game stealing and we can just reload to avoid punishment if we want to. I'd rather have this system than a free for all where I can steal and sell with impunity and devalue every in-game item.