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Can't read Hard Drive.

Hey guys,


I've recently boought a new gaming pc and 2 days later my laptop (which used to work well) crashed. I wasn't able to start windows. It showed a black screen with ''error 0xc00000e9 computer won't start'' Error code. So I thought my hdd or sata connectors were broken. So I took out my HDD and I've connected it to my external HDD connectors and plugged it into my pc trough usb. I was able to succesfully format it. 


Then I downloaded windows 10 with windows creation tool on an usb stick. I tried to reinstall windows on it, the HDD showed up nicely in the installation setup, I even had the option to format it etc. But then during the installation it gave me a message saying that there is no windows installed on the drive and that I should restart my pc. So I tried to install windows again, and again leaving me with the same message. Now everytime I start my laptop it says that it cannot read my disk.

I don't think the HDD or any SATA connectors are broken, because I was able to use the hdd on my other pc, and my laptop still recognized the hdd in the windows installation setup.


Does anyone here know what the problem might be?

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If you have the pc only two days go to your vendor and give it back. Dont try to fix something that looks like defect by manufacuring. You will have trouble for the next years especially with laptops. Give it back. Take a new one and be happy.

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