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  1. So install 3 cards to manage this.
  2. I would change: CPU Cooler : Be Quiet Dark Rock RIP HDD and go for 1tb ssd If you really need 2tb go for seagate firecuda 2tb. Its really nice even for games Go for 1660 super or rtx 2060 super PSU: I would grab a seasonic full modular like Seasonic Focus+ Gold 550W
  3. I would at least go with something like if you can afford 40 bucks extra. https://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-1339013 Its AM4, the GPU is much faster and you can plug in modern cpu if you wanna expand later.
  4. Hi, i build a pc for 3 vms. Basicly the people who use this machines are doing primar office work. So here the config: https://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-1334772 What i cant figure out is. Every Person has has two monitors so 6 in total. Can i use the Saphire GPRO 6200 which supports 6 monitors to give each vm 2 ports of this card or do i have to put in 3 gpus to solve this problem?
  5. Especially your last sentence is what i think too. Choose differfent kind of backup technology brings the real safety. Best example is in days like ransomeware can encrypt network dirves as fast as eating an apple tapes cant be attacked by this. Of course when your backup writes the encrypt data you have a problem but this could be prevented. Only work with harddrives is even if you mirror you data to a data center not without risk. And at least tapes are small in relation to capacity and have a nice durability in relation to hdd or ssd especially worm disks.
  6. Tanks a lot for this hint i will take my time to test this in our system and give some feedback here.
  7. Dont want to to query your knowlage but i know what a lot of data means. 24 Tapes each two weeks, 56 weeks a year, 5 years of history. You can sum this up yourself, i think it will enough. But to go with my probl. again. We have to Backup at 40TB a week so if i downt want to dig a deep whole and pay some money for a darkfiber to the next data center, i will have no chance to backup into a data center. It is possible to buy this connection but yeah i try to fix the problem with the tape first swing and dig with hammer an shovel :D. And as you see above i backup two ways B2T and B2D.
  8. I dont have a Problem with tape switching. I use a Tapeloader with 24 LTO5 Tapes. They are automaticly switching. Veeam is capable of ordering all tapes to different virtual archives. Works extremly nice.
  9. Veeam Backup & Replicaton
  10. Would be nice to know which software you will use and what kind of render engine. This would help a lot.
  11. When did you open your p last time? I don't think that the psu is the problem. Even under full stress your pc should not draw more then 300w. Check if you cooler are all free if dust.
  12. Hi, i need some experience from you. For our 2 Step Backup System i have something like this: Setup: Backupserver connected to Data Storage, Backup Storage and Tapeloader (LTO 5 Dualmagazin 80TB). All Connections are 10GBE. One "Old" 8 Bay Storage with 4x1gb Bond Network. This Storage has a Raid 0 of 2 SSDs with 2TB space an a Raid 5 with 20TB of space. Whats going on: Evey Night the Backup server do a B2D from Data Storage to Backup Storage. (In one week 6 increments an one fullbackup) One a week we the Backupserver do a B2T from Back
  13. Every freeware could recover 80 to 100 % of data after you do this. Only takes time and a free drive. Diskpart is a good tool but I you are worry about you data or you work in business this is not enough. Professional tools did recover up to70. I money is no problem you ore the one who wants your data could get a professional data recovery company to do this. Deban is one of the safest ways to destroy data. Deban gives you presets of erase options or you could select it manually. For example you could format+ write zero to each block+ format + write rnd string to each
  14. With crystaldiscinfo you could check the health status of your hdd. On windows 10 have a look at the installed apps window. On the "bottom" of the list their is a link to a menu for background activity. You should also find it under the security settings. You could disable all apps background activity their. This should help a lot.
  15. Most Problems after a fresh install of windows occurs wenn installing software before you install all updates. Especially software with dot net. Regardless if you push updates or not windows will try to install them direkt after the first start. So in this moment you try to install a fix version of dot net meanwhile windows try to figure out what is installed and try to update or renew the d9tnet.
  16. Reboot in safe mode without network and prompt. Check after 10min what the task manager shows you.
  17. Please post complete system specs.
  18. Tsx

    1 ch pwm controller

    I dont test i yet but i will today. But if someone know a 1 ch digital pwm controller oder non digital it would be very nice. I couldnt find anything after a week of searhing. Looks like their are trillions of fans and a lot of cases in mITX that supports a couple of fans but pwm is not that popular like voltage control.
  19. Tsx

    1 ch pwm controller

    Both are together. One white and one black. Yes I could use the pwm from the cpu but the cpu cooler is from noctua with two different sizes of fans. Don't won't to mix it with my 120mm case fans.
  20. Hi, I build a new mitx system. My problem after all finished ... pwm controlling. I have a GA-Z170N-WIFI with a 6 ch pwm splitter where are 5 eloop 120mm connected. Idea was to connect the splitter to the 4pin pwm mobo system fan connection so the splitter could mirror the signal to all fan. Now after some mails with the manufacturer from mobo, splitter and fan I am bit disappointed about gigabyte. Fans are like the splitter real pwm. The mobo looks like 4 pin pwm and the description in mobo suggest that it is one. Log story short. I am looking
  21. Then you gpu looks dead. At last or first step in would try the gpu in a different computer. Edit : Did you try to disable the on board gpu or set prior to second?
  22. Dead pcie power connection on psu ? Would explain why neither switching mobo nor your other steps help.
  23. Mobo: gigabyte ga-z170n-wifi CPU-Cooler: Noctua NH-L12
  24. Hi, yesterday my new HW for mitx build arraive. After assambling all parts i have a minor issue regarding to the front usb 3.0 mobo connector. The port is unter my cpu cooler and between the mobo and cooler are only 1 inch so i could connect the cable but it would only take a bit of time one or two transports an it will break the slot on the mainboard. I am looking for a 19/20 pin usb 3 mobo connector with low profile cable or something with a 90 degree connector. Here the cable i have: Thats what i am looking for only for usb 3: This