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POSTING GUIDELINES - Please read before posting


The Guides and Tutorials section has additional guidelines from the Community Standards that members must follow when posting. These guidelines are subject to change without notice.
1 - This section is NOT for sponsored or otherwise endorsed G&T's. These G&T's are by members for members on products they own/use and are their own. They are not for product placement or advertising.
2 - You are welcome to make a guide or tutorial pretty much anything, within reason, and it is not in violation of the Community Standards (don't review a gun for instance).
3 - The primary goal of your guide or tutorial is a written/photographic article. If you want to include a video, please see the additional items below.
4 - The guide or tutorial should be yours with original content and not a copy/paste of marketing material, for the most part.
Video Specific
The posting of video guides or tutorials are allowed given the following additional items:
1 - The focus of the video is on the guide or tutorial itself. This requires original input. This is your video.
2 - The video is only to complement your complete, written post on the site. You cannot simply post a video.
3 - Subscribes or likes are mentioned a maximum of once throughout the video. The video is not a chance for you to advertise your own channel.
4 - Video does not contain advertisement (similar to the style of LTT ads).
Failure to comply with guidelines may result in your thread being locked or removed, along with the possibility of warning points being assigned.
These guidelines are subject to updating and/or change without notice.

Forum Links - Community Standards, Privacy Policy, FAQ, Features Suggestions, Bug and Issues.

Folding/Boinc Info - Check out the Folding and Boinc Section, read the Folding Install thread and the Folding FAQ. Info on Boinc is here. Don't forget to join team 223518. Check out other users Folding Rigs for ideas. Don't forget to follow the @LTTCompute for updates and other random posts about the various teams.

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