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I just got my PG278Q should i calibrate or use ICC or something like that?


He should try to match it with other monitors he has (if he does).

It is not meant nor good for photo/video editing anyway so why bother. Customise it to your liking. Play with the overdrive and turn it down if you get to much of a corona.(and of course all the other settings. This was just an example.)

http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/334934-unofficial-ltt-beginners-guide/ (by Minibois) and a few things that will make our community interaction more pleasent:
1. FOLLOW your own topics                                                                                2.Try to QUOTE people so we can read through things easier
PCPARTPICKER.COM - easy and most importantly approved here        4.Mark your topics SOLVED if they are                                
Don't change a running system

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