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  1. That's probably just a miscalculation although your temp max with 97C looks reasonably unwell. Is this stock or with some sort of OC?
  2. Site is german but the models should be interesting nonetheless https://geizhals.de/?cat=nb&xf=16496_Akku+abnehmbar~8149_zzx&sort=t&hloc=at&hloc=de&v=e&t=v Filters are set to 'has at least one removable battery I and 'has dedicatud GPU'
  3. Have you checked the manual that came with the mic or the manufacturer website for a digital version. I could google this for you but knowing how to find or where to search could be a valuable skill here.
  4. Just don't use XTU for monitoring then I guess. I'd mainly recommend it for overclocking. It isn't particularly Wels-featured otherwise.
  5. I just realised i was unclear. This is why I was so puzzled by my measurements: the Voltage doesn't drop, in increases under load of the GPU, although I measured at the Molex.
  6. So U=R×I To much resistance in the cable causes the voltage to rise to deliver the necessary power to the GPU? Is that how it works. Also I forgot to state, that that Molex is loaded with an Aquacomputer Quadro with <5W of Fans and ~10W of LEDs as well as a DDC pump running at very low speed. I didn't change the LEDs or the fans from one test to the next. And the power on voltage before the LEDs came on wasn't any different then when the come on so i suspect they have a little to no effect. Also I love this place. I can ask a question about my stu
  7. Maybe try and tweak timings to get the most out of it. Is that memory on the QVL for that board? Could be the board is just guessing one value horribly of, so it crashes.
  8. They changed some default value. Might be like a BCLK boost from 100Mhz to 100,5Mhz. Or something like that. Longer turbo boost, more power budget. If you want to compare performance like for like you might want to set as much as possible manually. Also o Micro-Code update can bring improvements but not usually on this level.
  9. The best is usually what you know. Depending and what you'd like to do, Java might be just fine. What is you're project about? I think a lot of people use electron nowadays but cross platform always comes with some caveats and therefore electron is is similarly frowned up as java is for desktop apps for a while now.
  10. Sounds like it Corsair SF750 I switched from daisy chained GPU power to separate cables now and now the voltage only fluctuates between 11,98 and 12,01 Could daisy cables cause crashing?
  11. I read ATX Spec is +-5% voltage wise. My PC has been crashing lately and I wonder if the following could be the issue Ilde I measure 12V at Molex connector but under MSI Kombustor load that jumps to more than 12,10 volts. Saw 12.25 at some point. is this fine?
  12. Differeny memory would probably be the cheaper option.
  13. That usually means the primary timings and speeds are similar but it could be completely different memory modules. If you have the time and interest you can try and tune them to good timings manually. I was to lazy to do that but my XMP worked. There is a ryzen DRAM timing calculator which suggest good timings, you just have to find out what modules they are. For example Samsung B-Die or SK-Hynix CJX etc If you do it thorougly, which will probably be a full day of tuning and testing your results will likely be better than XMP. With stocks speeds you might be leaving quite a bit of perform
  14. I am not familiar with pangoly but why do you check that instead of the motherboards QVL list directly? here you are https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MAG-B550M-MORTAR-WIFI#support-mem-19
  15. That's certainly the wrong resolution you are quoting there as it is 4:3. That is the opposite of ultrawide! MIght be 5120x1440 or 5120x1600 though
  16. That's not how it works. As I understood it, the CPU sets a rough limit for the FPS you can reach at a given set of settings (excluding the resolution). When you increase the render resolution you shouldn't be able to achieve a higher FPS, no matter what. I'd expect your testing methodology to be flawed, sry.
  17. Max i can do is SFX-L. Also my unit is barely one year old. There was a recal for this unit this year but my serial is outside the affected range. I'll have to warranty it i guess.
  18. I just confirmed on further shutdown it clicks. And my motherboard is set to go to last state on loss of power. Given that it automatically reboots after I turn the PSU off and back on I suspect it is indeed the PSU because that scenario would look indistinguishable from a power outage to the motherboard - hence make it react that way.
  19. Are fans spinning, is the pump runnning? Checx thosu first. If they anu ok you have a bad cooler mount. Not tight, not enough thermal paste on some combination of it.
  20. Idk abaut other people but vitth the jump from 60Hz i can no longen see occasional tearing because the screen refreshes so fast. Only df it happens consistently frame after frame. I'd imagine dt's even harder to spot on a 240/360 so tearing would not be that big od a deal if it happens to occur one frame every few seconds or so
  21. I am not aware of any scenario with a capped framerate where enabling any sort of adaptive sync tech would have a negative impact. You might want to check out same input lag analysis for G-Sync by Battlenonsense. Yes, i do think 360Hz is a waste of money here. I basically see no other realistic use for these other than in Valorant, CS and maybe Fortnite. The 259QN is a great monitor package but you could have probably sed some money by buying a 240Hz unit instead
  22. Does minimizing the windows make a difference? Could be an issue with the GPU drives as discarded likely uses hardware accelerated graphics. Could be a driver bug idk. I had a lot of issues back in the GTX 770 days but haven't heard bad things about Nvidia launch drivers since.
  23. I only remember the Fuma 1 being quite a good performing but relatively loud cooler if that is anything to go by for the Fuma 2. I don't know anything abaut the CM. It looks similar to the threadripper monster aircooler they had. If that was anything to go by it is probably also pretty good.
  24. Which temps? The only suspicious thing i saw was my SSD hitting 97C once. Never happened afterwards. CPU and GPU are fine, chipset is fine now too. I at least just got ingame. Installed a panch just before. The patch might have fixed it altogether, but idk yet. I think the PSU clicked on shutdown. To boot again i always had to turn it off and on again (plug or switch). Is that a dead give away?