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Dying Light Texture Reducer


Hi there. I have an HP pavilion g6 laptop with the foll specs:


1, AMD APU A10 4600M 2.3 GHz Processor (Quad Core)

2. 6 GB RAM

3. Dual Graphics card from APU (512MB) and External (2GB) (7660G+7670M) Running in crossfire


i am trying to play dying light in the lowest settings and view distance possible, at the resolution of 800*600  and the game still doesn't give me anything more than 15-20 fps. I tried dying light manager from nexusmods but still no performance improvement is seen at all. Any tips on lowering the quality further so at least i can get a playable 30 fps?



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im not sure exactly how powerful your system would be but i had a GTX 555m and it couldnt run dying light at 720p even tried a few of the above mentions best i got was like 30s when nothing was happening then huge dips when stuff was. and did you leave the building yet? my laptop could play it at 1600x900 medium untill you get past the training and leave the building then it was a pretty rough 720p lowest settings still not really playable 

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