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  1. This would be right but you can get RTX 2080s in Laptops like the GS65/66 or Razer Blade. All similar weight and Thickness or even the G14 at 3.5lbs much smaller and lighter with a RTX 2060. you dont need to carry around a big chunky laptop to get a GPU with Higher Wattage/ speed. I Think apple decision isn't Terrible its not like many buying this care about the performance gain for more wattage, There buying a Mac Because its a Mac not because its the fastest option. but this decision is not because its too hard to fit more into a 16" laptop chassis at a 4k ish price tag for an
  2. Last 3 months have been Crazy went from seeing a model 3 like once a month To Multiple in a day Everyday ( I do drive a good amount) Model S are very popular by me though and have been for a while. Interesting to see the 3 take over though. Im assuming ill see more 3s then S in a few more months
  3. I mean is there really any competition to the Model 3/ S / or even X. Even considering gas cars the model 3 Audi A4 Price, Performance and quality it stacks up Decently. Though each have there own advantages argubly
  4. the s7 and the 6s are launched 5 months apart. While yes apple has put better GPU in almost all there phones then most android chip manuf its not a crazy amount longer and most would consider it the same generation.
  5. it is not tax evasion and its not fraud . They were given a valuation of the building at a dollar amount and they dispute that dollar amount and argue what they think its worth. its not the same as you filing your taxes this year and putting you made 30k income but Really made 120k and submited this to the government as a true statement. there's not arguement here you made 120k. The value of something can be argued though. you can Argue the value of your house also with your own county
  6. its not tax fraud if they dispute the 1 billion price that was what the county says its worth. Anyone can dispute there house or buisness building value to there county thats not illegal. Though the Price there arguing is dumb AF im sure there paying a ton to Argue there point of why.
  7. yeah he was Lying i always thought that comment from him was awkward like everyone knew it was at most 6 months out and he sold it as eh maybe 2019 sometime. All leaks pointed towards now and that was his answer
  8. Buttttt. There's many ways of looking at this, Computers used to create video games are way faster The Amount of people who have the Skills to make video games is more so Cheaper staff The programs are way more advanced and speed up the process. Digital distrbution leads to more profits Larger population of people and Developed countries means scale is larger so youll sell more copies wont have to charge as much. Games as service being a thing now. Its very confusing area games havent risen with inflation but Theres legit 100s of rea
  9. Alright " Steam just launched a usable team voicechat" Exactly why something like discord is able to succeed is steam sucked at it. but its Something xbox had 10 years ago. Paying did lead to a better online experience. If that difference is worth it to you or not is your own personal value but to disregard it has some benefit at all is wrong. Even the fragmentation on PC can be a headache Steam Orgins Windows Store Uplay. When you want to invite a friend to play or join a party Xbox handles all these companies games with a single account on PC you need 4 different Friendslists
  10. Uhhh PS and Microsoft get money from every copy sold in stores also ( Its less though they get the Retailer $ when sold online) Your trashing them for charging but honestly back when Xbox was the only paid service its Online was vastly superior then the free consoles, Then PS4 came out and had paid online and now it has good online and nintendo has lagged behind sucking at online. if $20 a year gets decent online features then im okay with it. Steam and other PC types of digtal games are set up differently, and steam only as of this month started offering chat pa
  11. future Driver Support, Power Draw and Noise are the 3 Reasons to Use the 1060. Reasons to use titan ? None reallly. Though the Real Answer is Sell Both and Buy a 1070 Or sell One and keep the money for another part / when new GPU comes out.
  12. they have like a 400,000 Car Pre Order list with money down. Pretty sure not a chance all dont....
  13. Microcenter had GTX 1070s 8 in stock by me for $284 last week. Crazy considering thats lower then before the crypto phase that made them 500+
  14. Sold my used GTX 1080 for $800 - some shipping and ebay fees netted around 720-740 not exactly sure off the top of my head. Bought it for $400 used. Have a wedding coming up so the $700ish helps and now ive been using a 780ti not great but still gets every game going at 1080p 60fps. I got a good 6 months before ill have the cash to rebuy So Fingers crossed for lower demand and New GPUS! August rumor sounds nice for a launch
  15. Theres already a lot of cool USB Battery Banks with Either a Regular Wall Outlets to charge anything to more specific like high wattage USB C for things like Laptops and Switch to even the non universal type laptop chargers. and come in Crazy big sizes that would all work better. 120,000 Mah Battery that can power a shit ton of stuff. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerHouse-120000mAh-Alternative-Rechargeable/dp/B0196GQAKM