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case fan modding

i am considering starting a project making a custom pc. i want to start with the corsair 4000d as base and change that to what i want. 1 of the things i want to ecomplish is to make the case look good in other ways then just buying a ton of rgb. so i have 2 questions:

  • what are good quality fans for a reasonable price( i heard good things about arctic), and can i take those fans apart so i can spraypaint the casing.
  • what other things can i do to make it look cool except painting, i have acces to a 3d printer so i was thinking of doing something with that and i might want to add some screen with temps and stuff.

thanks for any advice


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The Artic P12 or P14 fans are great for the price.

Yes, you can disassemble Arctic fans to spray paint the casing. Just make sure to carefully remove the fan blades and motor assembly before painting to avoid damaging the internal components.

With access to a 3D printer, you have endless possibilities for customization. Consider designing and printing custom fan grills, cable combs, GPU support brackets, or even unique case feet.


Adding a small LCD or OLED screen to display system temperatures, fan speeds, or custom graphics can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your PC. You can experiment with 3D pprinter to make a bracket for the screen


Custom sleeved cables are also a thing 🙂

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most fans cant be taking apart and you dont want to paint the fan blades the frame is fine.

I have dyslexia plz be kind to me. dont like my post dont read it or respond thx

also i edit post alot because you no why...

Thrasher_565 hub links build logs

Corsair Lian Li Bykski Barrow thermaltake nzxt aquacomputer 5v argb pin out guide + argb info

5v device to 12v mb header

Odds and Sods Argb Rgb Links


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