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Clearer Regional Limitations of Sponsors

Name of Brand: Currently Rocket Money, Previously Factor (which is a double hit because they have a Canadian Branch)



Description of your issue:

A LARGE majority of the service based sponsors that we see on LTT often turn out not to serve Canadian's. Often these companies do not serve Canadian's at all but what can feel even worse are those that do but refuse to honor the discounts and promo's provided to LTT for none US customers. As a Canadian channel I can understand how limiting it would be to avoid sponsors who do not serve Canadians but could you at least make a better effort to warn your Canadian viewers that these deals don't apply to use?

I know I know to an American that is like asking every ad to clarify "In America Only" but I think there is a stark difference between a customer expectations of availability when you KNOW the company advertising you these deal is in the same country as yourself. I don't think it is unreasonable for use to assume the deals apply to us as well. The complete lack of transparency on what is available to fellow Canadian's continues to deteriorate my trust or faith in any sponsor.

Factor for example uses a completely different website for Canadian's so that not a single promo code ever advertised is of any use to us. Despite continuing to sponsor several Canadian youtuber this has always been so disheartening. Now for the first time in a long time I go to attempt to give another sponsor a shot, Rocket Money only to find out they don't even support Canadian Banks making the oh so fancy features completely useless to Canadian's unless they want to enter their purchases manually. (https://help.rocketmoney.com/en/articles/79778-does-rocket-money-support-international-banks)


Have you tried solving your issue through the brand's customer support channel? If so, what was the result?

Yes they inform us Canadian's are not included in these deals or in Rocket Moneys case our financial institutes just are not supported.


What would an ideal resolution of your issue look like?

A clarification preferably at the beginning of a sponsor spot but at minimum when giving the link or coupon code at the end on if it is limited to the US. Plain and simple and I got to say I was really hurt that I had to ask for this from a Canadian media company. I'm sure your entire team knows and understands the infuriating experience of being advertised deals you can never take advantage but at least it is usually coming from an American network so we can assume but it's such a sting coming from a Canadian company.


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4 hours ago, Dracrius said:

I know I know to an American that is like asking every ad to clarify "In America Only"

Considering that they have viewership outside of the Americans (NA is US, Canada and Mexico), any promo or service validity area or even main areas should always be clarified in spoken parts and further link to T&C if there are or might be any other exceptions.


I remember time when Intel was sponsor and had giveaway with only US. That got huge flack as it wasn't mentioned anywhere on LMG side.

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Hey @Dracrius,


Thanks for this. I believe we already have another Rocket Money spot or two recorded and ready to air. But going forward updating the talking points to include US only shouldn't be an issue.


While I, and I don't believe anyone on the team is currently working with Factor, the good news is they are planning on expanding throughout Canada. I believe right now they have VERY limited coverage. But I've been keeping my eye on that one, not even for sponsorships, just because I'm genuinely looking forward to being able to use it here.

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