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Razer Ripsaw HD Color Glitch with Certain Monitors

My Razer Ripsaw HD capture card worked fine when using my previous monitor. Now that I’ve switched though, I’m getting almost like a negative color effect from the card in my OBS. The picture on my monitor that I'm playing on is 100% normal, of course. Any solutions? I’ve played around with the Ripsaw’s settings in OBS and can’t find anything that works. I've looked around for people having similar problems, and it seems like everyone's solution is just to use another monitor or simply buy an Elgato.

No I'm not going back to using my old monitor that worked with this card, because I don't have a place for it in my setup that makes any sense. I will end up buying an Elgato if I can't get a solution to this issue, but I think there has to be some solution that I'm just not seeing. It's silly to have to buy a whole separate $160 capture card simply to combat a color glitch. Any help with this would be very much appreciated!


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