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AsRock B650M Pro RS Wifi or MSI B650-S Wifi please?

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1 hour ago, Arun Sharma said:

Asrock HDV/M.2,

Same vrm and mostly the same i/o as the pro rs


Its the a620 you wanna avoid, the b650 will power an overclocked 7950x without issue

Building my first 'powerful' Gaming PC.. (I've built many regular PCs though)


So I have bought-

* Ryzen 7600x

* 32 gigs (16x2) DDR5 @ 6000 Mhz

* an EVGA FTW 3080ti (that awesome friend of mine from Michigan sent over)

* 850watt Thermaltake PSU


I need your help with the Motherboard selection.

I'm avoiding these entry level boards (for the sake of 7600x's TDP)

  • Asrock HDV/M.2,  Gigabyte B650 MK  and MSI B650M-P


I've finalized two boards, both are priced exactly the same at $192 (Yes.. these things are unfairly priced here in India :old-sad:) Anything above them, is like $250 and above, which is crazy money for a board.

MSI PRO B650-S Wifi (ATX) : https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/PRO-B650-S-WIFI

Asrock B650M Pro RS Wifi (mATX) : https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/B650M Pro RS WiFi/index.asp


Asrock board :-

  • 3xM.2 Slots
  • one of them is PCIe 5 compatible
  • 8+2+1 phase Dr. MOS (50A per phase) VRM setup 
  • mATX Form factor

MSI board :-

  • More USB 3 ports overall
  • 12+2+1 Dr. MOS SPS VRM (nothing clear about ampere rating.. I'm guessing its 75A, as this board appears to be a trimmed down MSI Pro B650-P Wifi https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/PRO-B650-P-WIFI with weaker heat sinks and less PCIE ports.no PCIe 5 and has only 2 M.2 slots.
  • Only 2x M.2 slots (both PCIe 4)
  • No PCI Gen 5 slot
  • ATX Form Factor


I feel MSI is more reliable brand, has better VRM but lacks PCI Gen 5 and one extra M.2 port . Asrock is less known to me, but appears to offer more value for money. (weak VRM Maybe? for 7600x)


Any suggestions would be welcome 🙂 


Thanks in advance!


Wish you all a great upcoming holiday season!

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