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  1. Does your brother have a case with airflow?
  2. You dont have to worry about overheating using the stock cooler either. Its crazy that people have gotten scared into looking same coolers for 10900K oc'd to over 300W:s and a under 110W cpu.
  3. Itll make a difference if compared to the stock cooler. And 5600X is about 100-105W when oc'd to max with safe voltage and under 70W stock. So 212 should be a nice fit if you have am4 mounting kit. If not something like id-cooling se-224-xt basic is a nice and cheap option. Scythe Fuma 2 for 60$ is also a nice option if you need a more premium cooler.
  4. You can easily control those Phanteks fans from bios. Just dont try to use pwm to control those, use dc. Something like Deepcool Gammaxx 440 or Id-cooling se-224-xt basic(about 30dollars each) are both plenty for a 5600x. You really dont need to spend that much on a cooler for a low wattage cpu.
  5. Arctic Freezer 34, Id-cooling se-224-xt basic etc style of coolers are plenty enough for a 5600X. And the amount of case fans does not really tell that much. A case with very limited airflow with 5 fans is worse than a decent case with 3 fans.
  6. And how much does MSI X570 Tomahawk or Unify cost there? Or Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro? There is literally no point spending more if care about the price at all.
  7. They sell the front panel from p400a. https://www.phanteksusa.com/products/phanteks-eclipse-p400a-air-mesh-front-panel?variant=30590989205559
  8. Not worth it. Liquid nitrogen oc for records? Maybe. Otherwise stick to 200-250d boards.
  9. Gpu fans blow towards the card. So it blows towards the pcie-slot on motherboard and the side glass. Easy fix for airflow is to buy the mesh panel.
  10. And you are using the correct standoffs? That looks like horrible contact.
  11. The number of fans is pretty much irrelevant when you talk about low budget low wattage cards with solid aluminium blocks as coolers. And even with higher wattage ones the thing that matters is surface area on heatsink and what kind of airflow you get through it.
  12. Normal. Stop fans from ramping up when in idle temps.
  13. Nah. Its usually 1-2% range that makes annoying noise. Be it Noctua or Arctic fans.