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  1. Auto-oc rarely makes any sense if you know even a little about over clocking. Just look into pbo2 and curve optimizer and you should get similar results with -20W:s.
  2. Hysteresis. Charge till 60%, stop, start charging again when 40%. Should be easy enough. My guess would be that they want people to kill batteries so that they can sell new stuff once per 2-3 years instead of 5.
  3. 4000D airflow should be just fine. More likely that you just push too much voltage and expect unreasonable temps.
  4. Dont look at what people say as most people have no clue what they are talking about and just repeat what good marketing says. Read or watch reviews done by competent people. https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3573-zalman-cnps20x-cpu-cooler-review-benchmark-vs-noctua-nh-d15-others
  5. 90W:s for stock cooler is just too much. Just get a decent 20-30€ tower for it like Arctic Freezer 34, SilentiumPC Fera 3 etc. Although if it is a new purchase, you could easily just try to oc it manually to 4.1GHz with 1.2...1.26V in Ryzen Master.
  6. That looks like an awful OC. On Gamers Nexus review it ran stock 4350MHz with 125W:s. Just leave it stock or really look into boost curves that came with new bios versions.
  7. Fuma 2 or Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 smarter choices.
  8. You mean read line by line till you get to the point where its mentioned at the end. I would put that disclaimer on all pages as now you can easily miss that if you only look at the numbers.
  9. Not to say there is anything wrong with the reviews but it does create a conflict of interest. For transparency it should be mentioned if the reviewer does sub-contracting work or works for the manufacturer whose unit he is reviewing. Some countries also have strict laws about such stuff.
  10. What BS? I'm pretty sure the company who had their psu certified wont stamp it "exploded while in Cybenetics test" next to efficiency and noise information. PSU reviews are a niche, you make more money working in the industry if you are an expert. Well I digged in a bit and it says its voluntary certification program. I just find it odd that people take in that it means free of charge. 80 plus costs 6000d per unit so I find it strange if someone offers more useful stuff for free.
  11. Tests paid by the manufacturer, not reviews made to inform consumers.
  12. You can always swap the fans on that aio. Arctic p12:s are much better and about 12€ a pair.
  13. All you have to do is watch a couple of cpu reviews to gain some basic information about which games are cpu limited. And cpu limits can be on one-core perf or all-core perf. Slow ram will make you hit cpu-limits much faster. And its not all about the MHz, timings make a difference too. Gamers nexus test with 10400 2666MHz shows the difference can be up to 20%.