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RGB fans for server enclosure


I have this rack mount enclosure: https://a.co/d/frpr6je and I would like to mount two, 120mm RGB fans in the top of it. It only houses a 24-port managed ethernet switch, but it is in the eSports room for the high school team I coach and we would like to add the RGB fans for some decoration to match the room.

My question is if there are any RGB fans that can be connected to this AC adapter for adjustable speed: https://a.co/d/cdJKFhD and still have a remote for changing the RGB lighting effects. There is no device in the enclosure to connect a cable to a 5v/3-pin or 12v/4-pin header like on a motherboard, so the fans would need to be entirely self contained for the RGB functionality, including powering that functionality. I'm not opposed to spending a little money (under $15) on something small to provide power/connectivity to the RGB "system" of the fans, but putting a power supply (even an SFX one) in the enclosure seems a bit ridiculous just to get, for example, a SATA power connector so I can connect that to one of the RGB/PWM hubs that come with some RGB fan multi-packs. Ideally, I'd like to spend no more than $35 on everything including the fans and anything needed to get the RGB working. I already have the AC adapter for power/speed control.

My System: "Ayanami" (from Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Intel Core i7-9700K
ASUS ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming
32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3000MHz
Gigabyte RTX 2080 WindForce
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX TG
OS: Western Digital 250GB WD Blue 3D NAND
STORAGE: CUK Cyclone 500GB PCIe M.2 NVMe + Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SSD + OCZ Agility3 120GB 2.5" SSD + WD Blue 250GB 3.5" HDD + Hitachi GST Deskstar 3TB 3.5" HDD + WD easystore 8TB USB 3.0 ext. HDD
Cooler Master Masterliquid Lite 240 AIO w/ Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo White Edition Duo-Ring fans + stock 140mm rear exhaust and 200mm front intake Phanteks case fans
Operating System:
Windows 10 Pro x64
Acer Nitro XV340CK 34" 3440x1440 IPS 144Hz + AOC AGON 24" AG241QG4 2560x1440 144Hz + HP ZR2440w 24" 1920x1200 IPS + Dell 2407WFP 24" 1920x1200
ASUS ROG Strix Flare
Corsair M65 PRO RGB
Corsair VOID RGB ELITE Wireless 7.1 + Harman/Kardon HK195 + Sony MHC-GX450
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