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LTT Data Visualization using R

Instead of reviving a 5 year-old post I guess I'll post an update to the LTT Community project proposal I did...


This was way before Labs was a concept and I already was doing stuff that Labs is definitely looking to do! So I have some ideas and a working sample @Slick might be interested in!


Basically I created a small dumb DB by hand just to proof-of-concept this. R is great for data vis and it has "Shiny Apps" which helps to easily, and just using R,  post web-apps to a server. It's obv open-source and free, so you can install your own Shiny Web Server and self host your apps (I'm using a free tier of R Studio's own service for my experiments).



My goal was to create a table that the user could set the parameters of by himself. So if he cared more about Boost Clock, or # of Cores, he could design the table to fit his needs and in real-time adjust the plot.







So it uses the X and Y axis to plot different data from a product but also Color to differentiate using another parameter as well as Size for a 4th parameter.








If you wish to compare products you can click and double-click to lock the info and compare side-by-side, as well as hover to see at a quick glance some info.





Anyway I might want to look into this again, I've been familiarizing myself with the code from that time, and even made some quality-of-life improvements to it. (Sizes were two small so I set a bigger minimum so you can see all clearly on the plot).


5 years ago I called for community help with creating the databases and some guys did help out (super happy and grateful :D). These days I just think that with labs coming little by little, this idea of customization and personalization should be available so people can "do their own research" as TechTube has always told us to. This would be a super powerful tool to do just that. There can be better defaults set, and the info would always be query-able. My vision of Labs is one that allows the people to sift through the data and help the community and then let every consumer find the best and most interesting results. LTT could work less by having community-driven data analysis of the massive amounts of data they are having. I'm not saying it has to be free, like Linus has said I understand why they can't promise it. I'm saying if Labs becomes the place for everyone to get the best info... the market share alone would be worth a fortune. Limit the users-base and you limit the reach, as I see it, anyway. @LinusTech


Also try it out for yourself here!

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