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Black Bar Flicker After Installing 4070ti


I recently upgraded my 1660 super to a 4070ti and have been experiencing a very fast black bar flicker on the top 1/4 of my monitor seemingly randomly every 15-60 minutes or so. My monitor is an MSI MAG27QRF (165hz, 1440p) and is the same one I used with my old GPU without any issue. It also seems to only occur while gaming. I have a dual monitor set up, the other monitor is 1080p 75hz but I do not game on it.

What I've Tried:

  • using DDU to uninstall old drivers and reinstall the new ones fresh (does not help)
  • Turning off G-sync (does not help)
  • Changing power setting on ncp to max power (does not help)
  • tried a different DP cable - both are 1.4 btw (does not help)
  • Tried the various DP ports on my GPU (does not help)
  • Switching to HDMI which has a max fresh rate of 144hz. This solves the flicker but limits my refresh rate and does not allow me to utilize G-sync
  • Switching refresh rate while using DP to 120hz (the highest I can choose besides 165hz) This solves the flicker as well but obviously limits my fps.

I am open to all suggestions otherwise I may need to consider returning the card :(

Thanks for your help in advance.

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What is the wattage on your power supply? Is it sufficient enough to power your 4070ti?


I'm just a guy who knows a lot about computers


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