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Memory clock not hitting default on 3080 EVGA FTW3 hybrid LHR model

My 3080 is now only hitting 1156 GPU z (9252 Mhz PX1) instead of 1188 GPU Z(9500 Mhz PX1) I have run DDU and cleared drivers and Memory clock is fine runs at 1187.8 in GPUZ using Valley benchamrk on standard windows drivers I then install latest Nvidia driver 528.24 (no geforce experience) and restart and clocks drop again only hit 1156 or 9252 MHz again. I have the 450w XOC on the OC bios and left the Normal Bios as stock and repeated same process on both Bios 450w XOC and stock and this occurs on both so not a Bios or Firmware issue and get the memory clock dropping by 250 mhz on both bios after the Driver update I can Overclock the memory back to 9500Mhz but I am more concerned this means a bigger issue Does this mean the card is dying should I RMA especially given EVGA no longer make GPU's



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to add screen hsot of PX1
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