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Looking for pointers/help on powering up a computer that does not have a power switch or power switch header.


I posted over here a few days earlier:
I am looking for ANY suggestions on which forum here might be the best place or hangout for a "hardware hacking" question like this one.  
I posted this where I thought it might get some coverage but so far none at all. 
On my own I have determined this probably uses a Viewsonic proprietary 120 pin connector and I suspect it may be possible to power this on via this connector somehow. 
There are TONS of these being sold by many sellers for well under $100 US and it seems to be a killer little i5 gen 6 box comes with RAM and SSD for may applications
If you could just power it up. 
120Vac and standard power cord connector on the box, the power supply is included inside the case. 
It just needs to be turned on.. everything you need is there!  Except the power switch.  😞  
And is probably why they are so inexpensive.
Nobody including any of the sellers has a clue or any technical information on that connector. 

Seems to be a variation of a "standard" called OPS and normally has a similar 80 pin connector. 
Viewsonic's version has a 120 pin connector. 
The internal power supply main out is +19V. 
So it's probably similar to a Laptop board in terms of powerup signal and voltage regulators. 



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