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Should I upgrade my GPU?


So I've built a new computer a few months ago; specs

I5 10400

RTX 3050

16gb XPG 3200MHZ

750w corsair RGB psu

nzxt 510

z590 msi torpedo

So I have a few questions.

I was looking at upgrading the gpu as without raytracing its the same as a 1070,1660ti,1660s.

well it does good at the games I play I would like to play with a higher refresh rate as I have a 144hz monitor 1080p

I use diss for very few games like Fortnite and a few other I can't name off the top of my head

but, I was taking a look at gpu prices in my area in Canada from memory express and found this

https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX00118377 RTX 3070 FOR 699$ after taxes and what not comes to 735 ish

now comes my question, the rtx 3050 I have is a gigabyte model the same as this one same cooler same design same everything, the card I have gets a little warm between high 60's maybe hits around 78-80 max with fans on max. Would the 3070 overheat? considering its much higher performance....

next question would the processor I have bottleneck the graphics card any and if so how much? 

and overly would it be worth it?

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IMO, upgrading from the same generation, without any amazing deal, is just not worth it. A trade in, however, is worth it. At least try to find some used ones.

But, if you'd like to, who am I to judge.


DLSS for 1080p is just pointless, the visual clarity is much worse compared to 1404p DLSS which is an upscaled 1080p, 1080p DLSS is upscaled 720p. 

Therefore RTX card is not needed, I'd suggest to go with RX 6700 XT, cheaper and on par with RTX 3070 (non-RT). 

Cheapest RX 6700 XT is $530-560, definitely a better buy than RTX 3070.


If you still insist on RTX 3070, that one is one of the lowest performing model, but it should be just fine. Worse case scenario, just undervolt it. For mid to lower tier GPUs, just pick the cheapest or best looking one, difference is not that much.


In regards to CPU, due to the upgrade from a 3050 to 3070/6700XT, FPS difference might not be as much as you expect. 10400 is still a capable CPU, but for 144 fps, that might be a bit hard, depending on the game at least.  

Not an expert, just bored at work. Please quote me or mention me if you would like me to see your reply. **may edit my posts a few times after posting**

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Displays: Samsung Odyssey G5 S32AG50 32" 1440p 165hz | AOC 27G2E 27" 1080p 144hz

Laptop: ROG Strix Scar III G531GU Intel i5-9300H GTX 1660Ti Mobile| OS: Windows 10 Home

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If you gotta get a GPU right now, I'd get this $500 (canadian) 6700XT over a $735 3070 any day of the week.



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Be aware that PSU sort of dictates what you can do without issue, though a 750W should be okay for anything short of a 3080 / 3090. Though I'm sure there's something different about it, performance-wise, the 3050 is said to be similar to a 1650. Cooling is more than fans, case airflow is a factor too. Which case do you have?


I do agree with much of what has already been said, though it comes down to whether you are in a position to buy a 40x0 when they come out, but considering recent pricing trends of scalpers driving prices up with bot-controlled bulk purchases and outrageous markups, I imagine we're not likely to see prices return to anything reasonable anytime soon. As for used, be careful, with the bitcoin merge / crash, a lot of used 3070-3090 cards could be hitting the market soon, and photos have surfaced of some of these cards being jet-washed to clean them. So be leery of any 'like-new' cards that you can't really verify where they came from.


ADDED: @RippedPC


$500 for a 6700XT isn't bad, but Amazon has a Zotac 3070ti for $532 at the moment.

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