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Game Development


So I have an idea to make a mobile game, and on the instruction/ advice of a friend who went to game development classes I have written (a large portion, not well formatted) an outlining document.

I am reluctant to just post the actual game doc or idea online, as do not want this idea stolen.

I am not in a position to build this game myself as I do not have the time or skills to do so, or a full team other than my one friend who has some background.

Would anyone here be willing to help me make this a reality, or know where I could go to pitch this?

Any profit from the title would be split among the team (I imagine Kickstarter or something like it would help fund the game’s initial development after a small demo is made and launched with the funding campaign), and paperwork would be signed upfront detailing this, as well as so that my idea is not taken from me and made by someone else.

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