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Should I investigate further?


Hello All,


New to the forums, so a thanks to anyone who replies ūüôā


I JUST finished my new primary hardline tube rig (a few hr ago) and would like to know the communities feelings as google research has been … inconsistent?


PC Specs

ASUS Crosshair Hero VIII

AMD 5950X (Stock atm)

AMD Tuf 6900XT

Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x 16GB kits

Samsung 500GB M.2

Samsung 1TB M.2

Lian Li O11DXL-X ROG


Liquid Cooling Equipment

EK-Loop Hard Tube 14mm 0.5m - Acrylic

EK-Quantum Torque Compression Ring HDC 14 - Black

EK-CoolStream Classic PE 360

EK-CoolStream Classic SE 360

EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Crosshair VIII Hero D-RGB - Plexi

EK-Quantum Vector TUF RX 6800/6900 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi

EK-Quantum Vector TUF RX 6800/6900 Backplate - Black

Various DarkSide fittings

Lian Li Unfi Fan SL120's



The testing:


After a few benchmarks and observations, I've got some concerns about the CPU temp. On 3d Time Spy Stress Test CPU goes to 60-62c (around 20% load) while the GPU is nearly a rock solid 49c (at 99% load). Idle is about 50c  (panels off maybe not the best, but it will have panels once it's in it's final place) but the weird thing Running Cinebench R23 it goes up to only 55/56c? I have a loop in/out temp sensors, in 27c out 28c on Idle, but under load water gets up to 38c under 3dMark Time Spy Stress Test. Fan rpm around 1600 at load.





1st, Is my CPU temp within reason. It's been years since I've water cooled a system and think I'm outdated on my expectations. I would have though that CPU temps would have been in the lower 50's under load and 40's for Idle. This is where i find the google review's diverse in the 40-50 idle and less than 80c max temps is fine approach. 


2nd Is there a concern on PETG around 35-40c? I've not seen much more than 12mm having temp issues about a constant 40c warping. But not much on 14mm with similar thresholds? I was advised PETG over Acrylic, but regardless it's completed now.





Should I be concerned and investigate further (and what steps to be taken?), or am I within reasonable expectation with the setup in hand? 


*Update* while writing this i just hit 70c! under Time Spy Stress Test (Bad surface contact with CPU block?)



Thanks to any feedback.






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I immediately thought that there was some contact issue with your block, I'd try reseating it for sure. I do remember my 1600AF getting sorta warm as well though, as in 70-ish¬įC, but that was under full load, not at just 20% usage.

And, completetly unrelated to the issue: your PC looks awesome, and that's coming from a black box enthusiast.

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