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Troubleshooting Parsec / CS:GO Memory Crash


Hey guys,

So i am having an issue, i not sure if it is CS:GO or Parsec or Hyper-V, however after watching the video on youtube i noticed CS:GO was used as the demo game for the setup so a little help would be appreciated.



DELL Precision R7920

* 128GB Memory

* RTX A6000 GPU

* Intel Xeon 16Cores


* Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

* Windows Fire OFF


So i have deployed 5 VMs with 20% of the GPU with GPU-P. Currently when i open CS-GO it loads the game screen and then when i select go for a match, when it reaches Retrieving Map(i think that is what is called) the game just closes, i see in the CS-GO folder accessviolation.mdmp files. I try to open them, but they are 150MB and the data inside them seems corrupted. I have tried to run the game as ADMINISTRATOR, but it just does not open the game, i have verified file integrity, it says there is 1 file always and it redownloads it.


On another note i have also installed PUBG, and i have ran up to 3 instances of them simultaneously without any issue.


Any suggestions with the CS:GO issue would be helpful, thanks.

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