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144 hz monitors and Macbook PC combo


HI guys,


Im finally getting a macbook pro next month to work on my photography and filmmaking when Im traveling and I plan to use it at home at my desk with my setup too while Im at home.

Right now Im using a Windows Pc for work AND play (mostly shooters) and have two 144hz monitors connected to it right now.


First, let me list what I have connected to my pc right now:

  • 2 monitors (1440p 144hz) via DP
  • streamdeck 
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • audio interface (goxlr), which in turn has an xlr mic, headphones and two yamaha hs5 attached to it
  • lan cable connected to a network switch

I know that something like docks and kvm switches exist, but is it even possible to have one that outputs dual 144hz at 1440p?

Whats the easiest and most streamlined solution so I can have as clean a setup as possible?


Appreciate all the help I can get

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