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LEDKeeper2 using a lot of cpu usage

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Part of the notoriously terrible MSI Dragon Center. Not surprising. I would remove that software entirely.

hey bro just remove it it's just not essential for windows to run at all and you wont believe me but its non other than a malware it just passes your information to lan ports it serves nothing in also takes upto 50% of cpu when it comes at its own so plz find the location of the freakin' software and delete it, hope it helps if it does please give me a reputation.


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This is my method when these crappy bloatwares are fucking up.


I write a bat for suspending the process using PsSuspend command included in MS Pstools.




Then i create a task in task scheduler to execute the bat after certain amount of seconds after user logon (when the bitch has already started and done it's job (apply profiles, settings, whatever).


Of course you can also kill the process (taskkill command) but it can respawn. In the case of LeedKeeper2 if you kill it then Mystic Ligh module won't work until you reboot, suspending it you can just resume the process if you want to tinker with RGB shit.


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