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C++ runtime error

Hey everyone!

     I recently bought a WMR VR headset and its giving a hell of a time. I am trying to play a game called "Zenith" that just came out and IF/WHEN everything launches (because it sometimes wont even launch) the game crashes with a window that says something to the effect of "c++ runtime error, something something caused it to close in an unusual way" I cant seem to find a solution that works to stop this so far.


I have tried changing to performance in the power management tap in nvidia control panel, running steam as admin, validating files, uninstall and reinstall. turn my pc off and on again. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 


edit: Steam also says the game is running when it very clearly isn't, and i have no way to close it unless i fully close steam.

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i think it's because you don't have the needed c++ redistributable packages


go to add\remove programs, scroll down and find microsoft visual c++, uninstall all of them starting from the newest year to the oldest year


next go to https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ and download the zip file, uncompress it, go to the folder that you got and run install.bat and it will install all the c++ redistributable packages


after that run the game

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