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help with AOMEI Partition Assistant

after using AOMEI Partition Assistant to convert my portable hdd from ntfs to fat32 some files names changed to weird writings (non latin) and some changed to only part of its name and change the extension too

is there a way to fix this ?












non latin






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PN0 files are binary data files and likely due to the format change reading raw data from the drive instead of the file index.

The other files look like corrupted titles or partial files because the format's are very different.


best bet is using command line to convert back with the command "convert" (then a space) (then the drive letter) (then a space) "/fs:ntfs"    
it should look like " convert D: /fs:ntfs " with D being whatever the assigned drive letter is.

This method retains the data on the drive and just tells windows to look at the drive as if it is an NTFS drive.


Changing the format back to NTFS and running a data recovery may scrape some of the parts of files together but that's a long shot if the format change alone didn't recover the files


Current Config:


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MSI Prestige 14 with too many cooling mods to list out (it's quiet now)


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