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Wattage consumption of display using different HDMI Cables.


Hi! I just noticed recently a different monitor watt usage depending on the HDMI cable used. 

I have a High speed cable with Ethernet , then few days ago I decided to get a new cable  because its braided hehehehehe (Ultra High Speed Cable).


I happen to have a cord that displays the current wattage that's why I noticed it, the High speed cable uses around 7-8w (been using these for months)






Then here is the watt after using the new cable(ultra high speed)

-around 3-4 watt

-tested and monitored it for almost a day, it never reached the previous watt that my previous cable was using





I wanted to know the reason why it uses less power, and is it harmful in the long run.

As for the display quality, i haven't seen any image/video/gaming quality drop after using the new cable.

Thanks in advance guys, been really curios why it is happening, because I am used to seeing the watt around 7-8 now it drops to 3-4, its almost 50% watt difference.

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20 minutes ago, Glenwing said:

Does it go back up to 8 if you put the old cable back in?

Yes it goes back to 7-8 when I use the old cable. 

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