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Chromebook OS missing - Unable to recover. Please help!


I have an Acer Chromebook that is displaying a Chrome OS missing message upon powering up.

I've followed the recovery process instructions (entering my model number and an appropriate sized  USB flash drive). However, once the download reaches 100%, it goes through a couple of quick setup procedures (unpacking, verifying etc.) and then a message is displayed that reads "DO YOU WANT TO ALLOW THIS APP TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR DEVICE?" If I select NO then the whole process is cancelled. If I select YES then the message disappears and nothing appears to have happened.

According to Google, any content on the USB stick should be erased and replaced with the downloaded Chrome software (as far as I understand) However this is not the case. All the existing content remains and there is no evidence of the software being downloaded. I've confirmed this by putting the USB stick into the Chromebook and it fails to find anything.  


Is anybody able to help me with this??






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Instead of reinstalling ChromeOS, have you considered using Win10 Home?  Using the Windows Media creation tool, you can delete any partitions on the hard drive and then you should be able to install Win10 Home.  I have installed Win10 Home on several Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are JUNK no matter what OS they have on them.

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