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Strange white screen freeze with geforce gtx 980 and directx 11 only




Since 1 week i'm having this strange issue: everytime i launch a directx11 app the system freeze to a white screen (sometimes black and sometimes pink too). sometimes just seconds after launching the app, sometimes after hours of playing.
Before that week i played with this video card for almost 7 years.

I tried to downgrade drivers with DDU, reinstall OS / downgrade to win 10, install all sort of bios upgrades but witout success. i tried with passmark benchmark too: dx9, 10 and 12 works fine, dx11 freeze.

Someone can help me?
Does legit that a video that a video card may have a hardware problem related only to directx 11?

Here's my specs:
cpu 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz (16 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
mobo MSI Z590 gaming edge wifi
32G ram ddr4 corsair vengeance lpx (2x16)
gpu Asus Strix Geforce gtx 980 OC
PSU Seasonic Focus+ 850 Gold
ssd samsung 970 EVO plus 1tb (Main disk)
2 ssd da 1 tb Crucial
2 hd da 1 tb Western Digital

Thank you!

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