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Prebuilt Desktop Wifi Card Compatibility

Hey, about to take some stuff out of crappy prebuilt and put it inside a custom PC. Just had a question about the wifi card, though;

I just bought an Intel M.2 Wifi6 Kit, which is great, because that frees up a pcie slot on my new mobo. However, my prebuilt comes with an m.2 wifi card, and I was wondering if that could replace my Intel Kit and I could save a buck. However, in the Intel Kit, the card leads to two antennas, while the prebuilt Wifi card is attached to two weird metal pieces screwed in just outside my case (I assume those are just some weird antennas). I guess my question is, if I were to find some place in/on the case to place those metal pieces on, would I be able to use the prebuilt card, or is the card, in some weird way, only usable with the prebuilt PC?


Sorry if this post seems out of place, kind new to the forums, and this is the only place I could find that relates to wifi cards.


Thanks to anyone who helps.

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