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Screen turns black almost randomly when doing anything on PC

l l

So recently I got a new Powercolor Red Devil Radeon 6800XT, and for a while it was working fine until the screen would start to turn black almost randomly when playing games, and even recently happened while I was in the BIOS. The problem is that the screen turns black and I have to restart the pc to be able to do anything else on it at all, but it usually turns black again shortly after.


The full specs of the pc are:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X cpu

Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard

Powercolor Red Devil Radeon 6800XT gpu

WD blue 250gb m.2 ssd (boot drive)

WD blue 2tb ssd

Corsair RM750 80+Platinum psu 

32GB Corsair vengence lpx ram

Windows 10 home edition OS


A side not is that I have tried multiple cables for the monitor, and all produce the same result, and this problem would not occur the first 3-4 weeks of having the new gpu.



I have fixed this on my own after doing a pc restart, I want to assume that it was corrupted windows files, but I forgot to check for that on my own 

Edited by l l
fixed the problem on my own, and the edit tells people that I did so that they don't need to try to help
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