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Chungus Maximus! NVidia 3090FE in EK's Full Block and Active Backplate


This will be a somewhat short build log since it's only going to focus on the 3090 I've had since early summer.  I installed it with EK's FE water block and "half-assed" active backplate when I got the card.  EK promised that a fully active backplate was coming, but I'd have to wait till September for it.  September turned to mid October, but the backplate finally shipped.  The first pic is the card, fully dressed, and sitting on my kitchen scale:




It's basically seven pounds!  Jeeeeesus!


Pic 2 is it sitting in my system:



The sucker is so big that it can't fit in PCI-E slot 1 because of the I/O shield and RAM.  I had to move it down a couple of slots, and swap spots with my Sound Blaster.  Fortunately it's an X299 system, so getting full x16 speed out of that slot isn't an issue.


Pic 3 is dealing with the mass:



The arrow is pointing to an anti-sag support that I installed.  It's a small, flat metal bar with a bunch of bolt holes in it.  I had to pop two of the motherboard screws out, replace them with stand-offs, and then bolt the flat bar onto those stand-offs.  Then I had to screw a small L-shaped support piece onto that bar, which is what the GPU is resting a lot of its weight on.


Time to start bumping up the VRAM's OC. 🙂


Editing Rig: Mac Pro 7,1

System Specs: 3.2GHz 16-core Xeon | 96GB ECC DDR4 | AMD Radeon Pro W6800X Duo | Lots of SSD and NVMe storage |

Audio: Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt-3 Interface |

Displays: 2 x BenQ EW3280U displays |


Gaming Rig: PC

System Specs:  Asus Rampage VI Extreme board | Intel Core i9 10980XE | 64GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (OC'd to 4GHz) | NVidia 3090 FE card (OC'd) | Corsair AX1500i power supply | CaseLabs Magnum THW10 case (RIP CaseLabs ) |

Audio:  Sound Blaster AE-9 card | Mackie DL32R Mixer | Sennheiser HDV820 amp | Sennheiser HD820 phones | Rode Broadcaster mic |

Display: Asus PG32UQX 4K/144Hz displayBenQ EW3280U display

Cooling:  2 x EK 140 Revo D5 Pump/Res | EK Asus R6E monoblock | EK 3090FE waterblock | AlphaCool 480mm x 60mm rad | AlphaCool 560mm x 60mm rad | 13 x Noctua 120mm fans | 8 x Noctua 140mm fans | 2 x Aquaero 6XT fan controllers |

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