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    Big guns, fast cars, and fast computers.
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    If *I* write this, doesn't that technically make it an *auto*biography?
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    Network Architect


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    Intel 7900X
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    Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 64GB (OC'd to 4GHz)
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    Asus PG27UQ, 2 LG 4K/60Hz IPS
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    Custom water cooling
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    Unicomp M "clone"
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    Logitech G502 Wireless
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    Sound Blaster AE-9 card, Mackie DL32R mixer, Sennheiser HDV 820 amp and HD 820 cans
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    Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
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  1. Right! Twiddle a bit in the silicon and BAM: today's drivers are unusable. RTX3090fym, RTX3080fym, etc.
  2. I understand reading comprehension is challenging for some folks, but I acknowledged that with my last sentence.
  3. Correct. And while the myopia in this forum is unreal with the, "but... but... it's not going to stop miners from using existing cards!" the simple fact is: it'll stop them with future cards. Like the 4xxx-series that'll be released next year. NVidia's planning for the future; or at least trying to.
  4. We all have a case of "short term memory". LastPass's mobile solution wasn't always free. Their desktop/browser version was. If you wanted to share your passwords across all devices, you used to have to pay a sub fee. They got rid of that a few years ago, and now it appears as though they've seen the error in their way$. So it's back to a paid tier, but this time they're giving you a choice of which one to pay for.
  5. So basically: you're an asshole cheater. Cool. Do the gaming world a favor and go play in traffic, kid.
  6. He was likely exploiting the infinite stim glitch, which keeps coming back into Warzone after the developer patch it out. The latest glitch has been "a thing" since around Christmas time or there abouts. So odds are that's what you were seeing. He was sitting in the gas somewhere, with an infinite number of stims, and cranking himself to stay alive until the others died to the gas. Raven literally just patched it out today. For now. Until someone else finds a new way to do it.
  7. Do you have even the remotest idea what sudo is, does, and why it's so useful? Without looking at Google? I'll bet half the folks participating in this thread have no idea.
  8. Thank you. BD has a video from three or so years ago, where Atlas was doing back flips. The actual interesting bit isn't the back flip, but the mechanics of watching it realize it's off balance when landing and quickly correcting. Just like a human would do. Asimo can't do that.
  9. Spot's "arm" (looks more like a head at the end of a long neck ) was shown to us back in December. Hopefully everyone saw this from BD: When you understand how difficult it is to mimic the complexities of the human foot for that kind of balance, you'll grok just how amazing that entire video is. And how terrifying.
  10. I got Asus' first UW, the 32" one, I think? Did 3440x1440 @ 100Hz with GSync, if I remember correctly? I don't remember the model number, but I got it right when it was launched several years ago. I didn't keep it long. I primarily play first person shooters and they just don't work as well with UW in my opinion. I tried and tried and tried to force myself to like it, but didn't. So I sold it and reverted to 16:9 where I've been since. I suspect if I was playing a lot of third person games, it might be a different story. But it just didn't click with me in FPS games.
  11. Nope. For us in the US, the measurement is a simple mg glucose/dL blood.
  12. I've avoided the SmartWatch(tm) thing because of my lack of spatial awareness when it comes to the ends of my arms. I can't count the number of times I've ignorantly rounded a corner and thought my arm was cleared of it, but found out... WHAM!! ...my wrist slams into the wall I thought I'd just cleared. I've nuked a number of watches doing that, and my concern is that I'd just destroy the smart watch in question. Instead, I wear a G-Shock and have for years. It'll go through the wall I hit. I'm not what you mean by this. Is what relevant, exactly?
  13. Summary Korean IT News is reporting that Samsung and Apple may be including optical blood sugar sensors in their next round of respective watches. Quotes My thoughts I've been a type one since the age of 1. I'm... a lot older than that, now. In 7th grade (long before most of you were even born .. ) I "invented" a watch to help measure my blood sugar. At the time, I had no clue how to build it. But if this comes to pass, I'm totally claiming credit for the idea. Kidding aside, I may actually break down and buy an Apple Watch if they're s
  14. What the hell are you talking about? Fire hazard? I'm not sure I'm too concerned with whether you think there's no need or benefit. It was a 100ft run from my second story office to that rack shown in my basement. Much easier to do with a pair of MM cables than it was copper cabling.
  15. My point stands: it was a silly product placement bit and entirely unnecessary for what they were trying to accomplish.