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    If *I* write this, doesn't that technically make it an *auto*biography?
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    Intel 7900X
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    Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 64GB (OC'd to 4GHz)
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    Asus PG27UQ, 2 LG 4K/60Hz IPS
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    Custom water cooling
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    Unicomp M "clone"
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    Logitech G502 Wireless
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    Sound Blaster AE-9 card, Mackie DL32R mixer, Sennheiser HDV 820 amp and HD 820 cans
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    Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
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  1. Make sure folks understand that this is market speculation and nothing but. It's a "wish list" that's existed for years when it comes to the MBP. Keep that in mind.
  2. That's fine. I made the "executive decision" in December of '19 to 10G-ify my home. With that, I spent somewhere around $3K on two Cisco small office 10G switches. One a 12-port and the other a 16-port. The latter is in my basement where my servers and router are. The former up here in my office (which is a bedroom), in the closet. To me: worth it. Easily. I have different means than you do, though. Fan noise sensitivity is an individual thing, which is why you simply can not take a reviewer's word for it. Ever. Their ears are not picking up what yours are, and
  3. I wouldn't consider the Netgear switches "real". I was referring to rack-mounted Cisco small office switches. Either way, there are usually fan replacement kits available that are much quieter. In fact that photo I took was right after I replaced the OEM fans in that switch with a kit. The OEM ones were obnoxiously loud but the replacements are very quiet.
  4. Welcome to a world where costs are cut as much as possible so the end user can afford 10GigE networking. If you don't want to concern yourself with such nonsense, buy a real switch. That'll cost a grand or two. And come with internal, noisy fans. 10GigE is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Specially copper 10Gig. Note the overwhelming cooling on the inside of that Cisco small-office 10Gig switch. Specially that big, honkin heat sink covering the copper ports' interface on the PCB.
  5. The 1Dx MkIII was a January, 2020 release. Though the R line is separate, it's very unlikely they're going to burn all the bridges with the 1Dx owners by releasing an R1 only a year and change later. The cadence for the 1Dx line was around four years. I doubt they'll wait till 2024 to release an R1, but my gut tells me it'll be at least another year or so.
  6. I'm not sure you're quite understanding the purpose behind this display. It's primarily aimed at the hyper-enthusiast gamer that can push 4K/144FPS. It's unarguably the perfect form factor for a desktop 4K display: 32". Much smaller and you're squinting. Much larger and you're either staring only at the center of the screen, or you've got a super-deep desk that most of us don't have. The HDR1400 doesn't hurt at all. This isn't primarily for media consumption. It's primarily for gaming. If you want to game on a laggy OLED, 4' diagonal TV, have at it man. But this
  7. squeaker: I want to become a network professional without actually learning networking! squeaker a bit later: Oh, shit, this is difficult. Maybe someone will do my homework for me!
  8. Well since no one has one, we don't know for sure. But you can bet money it has a cooling fan given the GSync module in it. Whether it's easy to replace/noisy/crappy/etc: we'll have to wait and see, as you say.
  9. What are you looking for? Whether it has one, or whether it's audible and annoying like some PG27UQs' are?
  10. Yes, because we all have the desk depth to put a 4 foot display on it. Come on, man. Folks that compare 4 foot displays with the 32" ones can't really be that dense. Can they?
  11. Is that Acer's Italian website? Or some other website that's claiming HDMI 2.1? I'm nearly 100% positive that the X32 will not have HDMI 2.1. If Acer's US site says otherwise, I'll be happy to be wrong. But I believe this is a panel thing, not a monitor manufacturing thing. I think if the panel itself, from AUO, isn't set up to deal with HDMI 2.1, it won't have it. Just like the new ViewSonic that will be built later this summer and based on the same AUO panel that the PG32UQX and X32 are: no HDMI 2.1. I signed up to be notified by Asus, but I'm not holding my brea
  12. I love my G502s and I f*cking HATE(!!!) my G502s. I can't count the number of them that I've had fail given the double-click issue. And it's always the right mouse button, too. Never the left one. I've had the same happen on their wireless 900-series as well. It's just something with the switches Logitech insists on using. They're trash, which is too bad because otherwise their mice are the best of the best.
  13. The only bottleneck in my gaming rig is the nearly-50-year-old playing the games on it.
  14. That is quite unlike them. I suspect they're waiting for AUO to deliver the panel for that monitor, as well.
  15. Did they actually say, "end of Q1"? Or did they say something that someone else misinterpreted as such? Asus isn't in the habit of announcing ETAs on shipping like that, specially when they show something off at CES. In fact they've been very careful not to offer such shipping ETAs in the past. Also of note, earlier in the thread: Nope. There are droves of people that are gnashing their teeth, expecting the PG32UQX and X32 displays to be re-fitted with HDMI 2.1. It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Folks have GOT to get that through their skulls. Asus already said as muc