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SteelSeries Arctis Pro - questions before buying

I want a headphone which supports low latency audio for Gaming, and normal bluetooth connectivity for Content Consumption via mobile or any bluetooth device. Also, rectractable mic is a must. Looking normal is also a plus, nothing too gamer-iry.


Given that, SteelSeries Arctis Pro seems like the best for it, I've seen a lot of people using it and it looks very sleek, although I have some questions. On the amazon page I can see two options for it, I can't quite understand the difference between them.


It looks like the top one one has a DAC and it is wired.

  • Why would I want it to be wired, If it already has low latency mode?
  • Can someone explain what the use of the dac?
  • Does the wired one connect via usb or 3.5mm port?
  • Does both of them have inbuilt support for low latency + bluetooth?
  • Should I get the above or the below one? (I don't own a playstation)



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