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OBS Crashing: Unhandled exception: 80000003

About a week and a half ago i started getting issues with OBS crashing, no recent hardware or software changes, other than possibly windows updates. Since then, Its constant, there's logs missing from where it just crashed the computer. I can go days without OBS on this computer and no issues, only when streaming with OBS. The crash files seem to all have the same number, however the logs look different so I attached all available. Not sure what is the issue at this point and how to fix it.

log 2021-07-22 21-51-23.txt Crash 2021-07-12 08-15-12.txt Crash 2021-07-20 14-40-00.txt Crash 2021-07-22 17-47-00.txt Crash 2021-07-22 18-44-37.txt Crash 2021-07-22 21-25-02.txt

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