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I recently bought a laptop for gaming, used from eBay, I think it’s a good purchase, but I keep having the laptop randomly shut off, I thought maybe it was overheating so I invested in multiple cooling options and also modified the power usage to prevent it but I’m still having that issue, not as often but it seems to depend on what I’m doing, I tried copying content from the internal hard drive to a external drive and it crashed a lot. Any suggestions? I’m using a app to monitor its heat and it seems like with the cooling it stays in a good range, did I just buy a finicky laptop?


msi, i7 ninth gen. 512gb sdd , 240htz monitor. Nvidia 2060,

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Have you repasted the CPU/GPU? 
You should open it up and give it a good cleanup.

Also, having a clean windows install wouldn't be a bad idea.


Planning on trying StarCitizen (Highly recommended)? STAR-NR5P-CJFR is my referal link 

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