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Slower drive speed with 2M USB 3.0 extension cable.

I am attempting to use a USB 3.0 hub to transfer files from usb 3.0 drive. When the drive is connected directly in to the USB 3.0 port on the motherboard I average around 160 MB/s. When using a 6.6ft/2M USB 3.0 extension cable, the copy speed drops to around 35-38 MB/s. The copy speed is the same with the drive connected to the 4 port hub or connected directly into the usb 3.0 extension cable. Can someone explain to me why a 6 ft. extension cable cuts my drive's speed my 80%?

The result is the same whether I'm using a flash drive, SATA SSD-> USB 3.0, or usb ssd. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I'm confused as to why a 6ft. cable is crippling my transfer speeds.  

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Depends on the quality of the cable, you may face a drop of performance if the cable length is long.


Generally, I would steer clear long cables or extension cables, because they are quite unreliable and produce lots of interference that results in low performance. I do have a USB 3.0 extension cable that perform slower than USB 2.0 extension cable of the same length.


So, well, you might need to get a good quality cable (the blue colour generic USB 3.0 extension cable is made of poor quality material and cheap insulators).

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