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Oh god I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I really value the info that I get from the Linus Media Group team on YouTube. 

I work in engineering in a TV/Film post production facility where we rely heavily on Davinci Resolve. We operate over 30 resolve systems across windows, centOS7, and macOS. 


Our primary workstations are windows. They cooperate better than any other OS with our network storage (NVMe, Isilon) so we put the most effort into windows. 

That said, we don’t have prores rendering capabilities in windows but many clients require prores deliverables. 

Our macs are crap and are on their way out, they can’t run the kind of jobs that are coming out of our color suites. 

so we are relying on remote rendering with Linux and prores resolve licenses. 

The problem we have is sending jobs from multiple places to headless remote resolve systems, is kind of a basic workflow. We need to have some sort of job queue management or central monitoring window. 

blackmagic design’s dev team says it’s all possible with the API tools built into resolve 17. It looks promising for sure. But we don’t have anyone who’s confident with python. I can only run basic one liners. 

There is nothing online or in technical documentation that outlines the practical use of these modules included with resolve, the only thing I could find was a few YouTube videos talking about useless console commands. 

short of hiring someone experienced in python, is there somewhere to go to learn from the ground up? Or better yet, is there anyone out there reading this that has experience with the Resolve API scripting modules that is willing to have their brain picked a bit?


my python experience is basically mindstorms lego 101. That’s it. 

ive reached out on Reddit and BMD forums but there isn’t anything on the internet about this specific request. Remote render monitoring, or job queue management. 

I know this is a long shot. Also a long post lol


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You would likely have to check https://github.com/diop/davinci-resolve-api - that API isn't pretty, isn't full documented, only by some third party but things like "AddRenderJob" or "StartRendering" are what you are after. Some FTP/SFTP/other way to send the files to the server then either "automatically" add each to render queue or via some simple dynamic website panel running on that machine. It will be easy if you will be able to provide settings for that rendering (didn't used the app so don't know how it handles such workflow).

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