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  1. If they have .NET libraries (quite likely for Windows) then you could use them in IronPython directly. To use that C++ with standard Python you would have to make or find a wrapper that compiles to a Python extension. And what's the vendor of the camera?
  2. Yes, exactly. For a newcomer I would say it's easier to find jQuery solution easier than doing it in vanilla or using less "obvious" newer/better library.
  3. For general purpose use on "normal" websites it's still super common and good thing to use. If you want to move some tiers up as a JS developer then JS frameworks come into play - ember.js, angular and whatever current year popular framework there is. Like a blog won't use them but like a management panel of a new saas service likely will so it depends where do you fit in.
  4. In my system I pitch two rads to fight over a Vega 64:
  5. There are some chances that for first time in a while AMD will be able to compete at the high end / halo card level. Nvidia will likely still win in charts with Ampere Titan or Ampere 3080 Ti but at the expense of price and power. Aside of that it's the usual meme "wait for Polaris", "wait for Vega", "wait for Navi", "wait for Big Navi".
  6. WoW benchmarking is super tricky as depending where you are and what are you doing it may be stressing different part of the game. That flyby around Dazar'alor is heavier on the GPU side where as for the most of the time the game will be CPU bound or in general bound by it internals and MMORPG with tons of RNG checks limited. Will have to test that although 1%/0.1% low FPS would be good to have too. And DXVK should also be compared to WoW DX12 mode on Windows so that so we have two low level APIs (and WoW did a lot of work on DX12 during BfA and now they even play with ray traced shadows)
  7. You use what's best suited for you. There is no point in forcing technologies that either you don't know, don't want to use, aren't as good and so on. If you want to make a website you make a website as quickly and optimally as possible. And note that pretty much no one uses C for simple websites and for more advanced there are well established and supported frameworks.
  8. What kind of nonsense is this? This isn't a contest for some elite nobody-sane-uses-it type of a thing. If you aren't an actual web app developer then everything can be horrible and have horrible performance.
  9. For web application Python and PHP or Ruby are very popular. Microsoft technologies like ASP not so much (although I assume it can be popular in some regions or companies that used it over the years). In Python there is a very good framework - Django or if you are going microservices - Flask. Ruby has RoR while PHP also has few like Laravel and other. Still if you are picking a framework you are also picking a language with it specifics, best practices, tools and solutions. Very simple/basic site can be done quickest via PHP with no frameworks even but for anything more decent I would choose a
  10. I have two 240 radiators as Alphacool kits. One for Vega 64 and the other for 1920X. I wanted to put the Vega radiator on top of the case as it would be hottest more often while gaming but the tubes weren't that long, so I had to put it at the front panel and CPU at the top. At max synthetic synthetic load the whole PC got kind of hot (like 60C). What I could also do is combine the loops due to Alphacool connectors (vega -> rad -> CPU -> rad ->). That did lower the temps on the GPU while CPU was bit warmer due to that.: Yet the fans had to work on mid-
  11. Game engines can be scripted in languages like Python (not every engine) but to make a game you often will need more than a scripting layer (assets, game overall idea, additional engine plugins, customization etc.). Overall Python in gaming is rather rare as major game engines do not support it. There are some alternative lesser ones and Python PyGame stack but that's really limited in terms of popularity/monetization/job market. Also a "game developer" isn't responsible for everything, there are specializations. As as other pointed out you will need years of experience in the fiel
  12. In terms of popularity defined as hype - React and Node.JS are way higher than PHP. If you get to know it really well, like spent months with it you should be able to apply for mid-dev positions even. But with JS you have to be agile - there is always something new showing up and if it gets traction among companies they will put it on job offers and you have to know it. PHP is stable for web dev, knowing the most popular framework or maybe Wordpress specialization would be a big plus, pure PHP not so much (you often get hired for a specific software stack) - although there are also alternative
  13. As mentioned browsers have (Firefox Developer Edition) scalers built in or available as addons. You can set any size to the window and see how the site looks. It's essential when styling responsive behavior for tablet/phone and alike. 1440p display should have no effect on your ability to see how the site looks at 1080p.
  14. If other users have working wix sites then it;s likely something broken on your site (your changes or whatnot) - ask their support / community for help. If every wix site is bad (would be odd) then quit the service.