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Let's custom fit a full cover block with a saw

So I bought myself a x570 taichi razor board and wanted a full cover block and thought to myself the X 570 taichi will fit because it's the same bored just with some RGB and a razer logo..... it's not

Hardly any difference in price but it has more phases different vrm setup a load of other bits like audio but also different mounting points so anyway this full cover block does not fit but I can't get one for that motherboard so I've decided to take a saw to it,

As you can see in the pictures I've removed all the vrm mount points cut about 8 mm of the end as this bord has 2×8 pin chipset power and one is in the was and shaved down all the cpu mounts as they were standing proud


Once I put all this on and clamped it down i did not make good contact as you can see from the remnants of thermal paste


Some more cutting may be in order



CPU I7 8700k oc'd @ 5ghz Motherboard ASUS Z370 E RAM G.Skill Trident RGB 16gb (2x8) ddr4 3000mh GPU EVGA GTX 980ti SSC

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