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a rather detailed question about bad sectors (hdd and copying)

premise: bad hdd, bad sectors and all that. trying to copy the entire Users folder (desktop, documents, pictures, videos, etc) and the copying was stucked at 50%.


more of a rant. you can skip this really garbage paragraph: i had to replace his hdd to a clean ssd but the ssd had way smaller capacity so I had to place the users folder to an external hdd (but it was stucking at 50%) so that I could clone then delete those files and clone the hdd to my ssd (and throw the bad sector hdd away). well the clone failed as well, and well, the users files have been deleted already meaning we can no longer retrieve those files back. furthermore I wiped the disk (by writing zero to clean those bad sectors. still stuck.). well I just destroyed his files for no reason and all those effort of waiting for the hdd to respond ended up being wasted. i really wish i didn't clone that disk and just went fresh windows install route. but its an action that cannot be undone.


looking at the external hdd (the backup) it had some files on ALL the folders but the client insists that if only he could manually copy-paste some of those files one by one he could have saved those important files. and that if the copy was stuck on one file due to bad sector, then the other remaining files could have been saved using one-by-one manual copying. i did argue that if it was really stuck on one file then why does all the folders have some of its files there? 


ultimately my question would be: if I copy from a bad hdd to an external drive and it was stuck at 50% (I'm using win8.1) does that mean that windows have already copied all the files that could be read and pasted on the external or did I do a really really bad thing and wiped the disk prematurely?

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Windows generally copies in a straight line.  If it hits a bad file (sector) it's likely to choke and die at that point, be it 12%, 40% or 97%.  


You probably could have recovered more than you did if you put some effort in, but it's also likely that more than one sector / file was bad,  rarely does a single sector really cause windows to choke and die.  Especially if that single sector lives in the user's data folders.

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Try to fix bad sectors with HDD Regenerator,worked for me,which saved my files.


Please do not take offence for my apparent confusion or rudeness,it's not intent me to be like that,it's just my BPD,be nice to me,and I'll return twice better,be rude and usually I get easly pissed of...I'll try to help anyone here,as long as it's something I dealt with,and even if you think I'm rude or not polite,forgive me,  it's not me it's my BPD.

Thanks for understanding.

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