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  1. it's been a while since my last win10 (1903 build iirc) and I already am having one problem what happened to the windows + g key to record games? my winver currently is version 20h2 (os build 19042.631)
  2. oh if it can natively support dual boot then i might not need my spare. here goes nothing.
  3. i have 1tb ssd and a spare 240gb ssd. currently using the 1tb where win8.1 is installed. uefi mode. but I don't want to ruin my current win8.1 as that's where my server is running unless I'm absolutely sure that everything works and it may take plenty of dry runs before I finally let go of it. my drive C still has around 70gb free. maybe I'd rather want a dual OS boot but in case that isn't possible that's where the spare 240gb comes in. what should I do?
  4. ^ im gonna pray that since the wipe disk failed the users folder isn't affected.
  5. premise: bad hdd, bad sectors and all that. trying to copy the entire Users folder (desktop, documents, pictures, videos, etc) and the copying was stucked at 50%. more of a rant. you can skip this really garbage paragraph: i had to replace his hdd to a clean ssd but the ssd had way smaller capacity so I had to place the users folder to an external hdd (but it was stucking at 50%) so that I could clone then delete those files and clone the hdd to my ssd (and throw the bad sector hdd away). well the clone failed as well, and well, the users files have been deleted already meaning we
  6. here's hope i don't reverse it.
  7. the red arrow is where the cmos battery should be. for some reason it fell off. the green arrow is the one that fall off. my question is where should I place the positive (+) end and the negative (-) end?
  8. just saw the latest ltt vid. it has a way on how to order gpu on msrp as advertised. let's just say I get to solve the quiz (after a few retries) and the thing just looped indefinitely. I thought it was my ad blocker and so I refreshed it LET'S JUST SAY THAT'S GONNA BE MY BIGGEST REGRET OF THIS YEAR.
  9. are they out of stock now? it seems I can't search for a 3070
  10. the pink you're seeing in the circled red is epoxy. that's where the screws were supposed to hold arm rest and it solely holds the back rest. without the arm rest the back will fall off. if epoxy won't help me is my only option is to just write this off as junk?
  11. because I have them stocked here and doing nothing. mostly 4gb. so 4x4gb ddr3 1600mhz doesn't sound too bad for a build. and just a 4c4t processor and call it my personal build. and there's the issue: an i5 4c4t is not only in the 80 range tdp, it's pretty expensive for a used processor in the used market. a8 and a10 is laughing so hard at it.
  12. update because update: TOO MANY GRAIN IN THE WEBCAM!!! well at least when I use OBS in it. either this is just THAT bad or I need help.
  13. planning to stream my old beloved game dota 1. techies 6.83 is best hero