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I have the NZXT 500i case, on the top there is room for a 140mm fan instead of the 120 that it comes with. I bought a new fan to go there however it seems the top fan slot is slightly bent in so that the fan can not turn and when it does it scrapes. Does anyone know what type of spacer i could use to fix it? I am going to keep the 120 in the case until I can find some sort of remedy.

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43 minutes ago, Izonedout said:

the top fan slot is slightly bent in so that the fan can not turn and when it does it scrapes.

So the metal mesh of the case is dented in, and the blades of the fan are scrapping on it? If you want to use spacers, just get some plastic washers. Although I'm not sure if the screws will be long enough to do that. You can also just use a hammer to hit the metal as flat as possible or out the other way.

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