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Brand New pc can't acess bios but have spash screen Ryzen 5600x and ASUS B550M-A

HI all wondering if anyone might have some ideas as to what is wrong with my brand new pc it is a Ryzen5600x a B550M-A mother board 2 times 8gb TForce ram and an Gforce GTX 1650 only took me a couple of hours to assemble however when i powered it on it showed the splash screen for asus and said to press F2 or Del to enter Utfi bios i hit del the screen went blank for a second then spat me back to the same screen where pressing any key now dose nothing i have tried power cycling removing and re adding the little battery on the mother board im going to try flash the bios with asus crash free bios 3 if possible please let me know if i am missing something as this is my first build.

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The MB needs a biosupdate to support Ryzen 5600X. Biosversion 1212 would support 5600X but at least version 1401 is preferred for stable compatibility..

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Flashing the BIOS seems like a good start so long as you're careful. One thing you could try is removing one stick of ram, test, if problem persists, swap the ram chip with the other. That would show if there's a dodgy stick of ram at least.



I'm an IT System Admin with 15+ years worth of XP, plus I've been tinkering computers since I was old enough to hold a screwdriver, so I usually know what I'm talking about.


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