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    United Kingdom
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    Gaming, Networking, D&D, 40K,
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    System Admi


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7-8750H
  • Motherboard
    Quanta NL5E Chassis
  • RAM
    32GB G.SKILL Ripjaws SO-DIMM DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300)
  • GPU
    Nvidia RTX 2070 Full Version
  • Case
    Quanta NL5E
  • Storage
    2TB Sabrent Rocket NVME m.2 + 2TB Seagate 7mm SATA Barracuda (5,400RPM)
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    144Hz Intergrated Screen + AOC AG322QCX
  • Cooling
    Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Notebook cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G915
  • Mouse
    Logitech G903 + Powerplay Charging Matt.
  • Sound
    Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC and Xamp + Logitech G560 Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit Professional

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  1. For me the system drive is just for the system, everything else can be redirected elsewhere, comes to about 70GB, but I tend to just partition a larger drive so can always make it bigger if I need to.
  2. Why do you need so much space on your system drive?
  3. Ah I didn’t know that, thanks for enlightening me
  4. That will give you quad channel which will give you a tiny boost in performance.
  5. Yes this is fine, assuming your signature is accurate and you're using a 5900x for your CPU?
  6. I thought mine was too. My GPU temps showed as low in NZXT CAM, but it wasn’t right. I’ve since stopped using that software. Might be worth leaving the side of your case just to see if the crashing happens less.
  7. I had driver crashes on my old 980Ti a number of years ago. Turned out it was heat related. Changed the paste and I never had the problem again
  8. That would be fine, not sure what your situation would be stock levels/ msrp wise but maybe get a 5600x over a 3700x?
  9. I had the KFA2 Anarchy versions. This was inside my old Thermaltake Kandalf case
  10. I liked my GTX 580 so much i bought two of them and ran in SLI. Could keep my whole flat warm with those babies! Against all odds I got a XFX SWFT Radeon RX 6700 and while its the most powerful card I've ever owned, I cant help feeling its not as good as it should be. Keeping an eye out for the 3070Ti if that's still going to be a thing.
  11. Are you using XMP/docp/similar, or have you manually/automatically overclocked some other way? As a quick test, try opening your bios and resetting it to defaults, and see if it still does it. I've seen this behaviour from PCs that are unstable due to that bios setting.
  12. I think bridging would work, however, but it'd be better to put a cheap gigabit switch in between those ports. That's exactly what I did. Then you don't need to worry about degradation so much, and you have the option to plug more in. In a home environment I don't think congestion would be an issue. My internet line comes in at my office. Which plugs into my router, the router then plugs into the one of the two RJ45 sockets in the wall. Both of those go through the walls down to the Living room, I only needed 1 but I was running the cable so I though why not stick two in. Plugged
  13. Hi I put CAT 7 cables put in my walls before I moved in as part of a rewire. CAT 7 is kind of a waste of money IMO. Consumer networking equipment hasn't embraced it even 6 years after I put it in, and with WIFI 6E were getting close to those speeds now, although theoretically CAT 7 could do 50Gbps. Plus CAT 7 is more difficult to terminate. CAT 6 is fine. Buy some shielded ethernet, then you can go as close to your wiring as 10cm. If not you can only get as close as 40cm
  14. That's unusual. Normally a CMOS only gets unintentionally cleared when the CMOS battery is flat and there's no mains power. So the possibilities I guess are: The PSU is faulty and the CMOS battery is flat, and an interruption in power from the PSU causes the crash and loss of settings. This seems unlikely as your motherboards probably only a couple of years old at most and if the PSU is faulty I'd expect it to crash more under load. Something is shorting the CMOS reset pins? There is a CMOS reset button on the motherboards I/O plate, is i
  15. It's an interesting question, I don't think there's anyway of finding out unless someone tests for it as the manufactures don't advertise it.. For a motherboards consumption you'd have to estimate it, probably no less than 20w and no more than 80w.