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Corsair K100 G Keys in game

Hello all,


Hopefully this is something simple I'm missing.


What I am trying to accomplish is use the G keys on my K100 as additional keys and not replacements of already existing keys. I initially thought to rebind G1-6 as F13-F18 as these keys don't offer any function in most (if not all) of the games I play so great I go to rebind G3 (F15) as map for example as it's right next to TAB so convenient. Game doesn't understand F15 as a key and this seems to be the same case in many games. In fact I've only been able to use the extended function keys in discord and CoD:MW (only F13-F15 though).


So with many games not supporting F13-F24 I have hit a brick wall. I don't want to rebind them to existing keys e.g.: I,O,P,J,K,L as that would mean double checking each game doesn't already have a binding for such a key e.g. BF4 I remember uses JKL for different text chat channels. 


I also don't want to be manually creating a profile for every single game to replicate existing keybinds e.g. using the above example mapping 'M' to G3 for opening a map


Ideally I would be looking to use the 'G' Keys as keys that are understood by all games but don't already feature on the Keyboard, a bit like how pretty much all games would understand 'Mouse4' and 'Mouse5' as they are additional buttons that exist but generally not already in use by the game. It is a UK layout of this helps / changes anything, I will include an image below.


Any help would be much appreciated.


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