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  1. Add another person to your list https://imgur.com/kUU6lX4 https://imgur.com/uEoH1Qw https://imgur.com/DT72uuY taken from an FB video but I have had some success. Red areas fortunately were un-populated, Blue components all functioning fine, Just the traces were the issue. FIXED: was dodgy traces. However. I did try to refine the repair somewhat as it was a little messy and there was a pop and some smoke. The Choke on the opposite side of the board has had it. Back to the drawing board but at least I know its fixable.
  2. I work in CS also as part of my job. That response was dreadful and isn't at all an unreasonable request. The way I worded the main part of the request was plain and simple English: "I understand this is of course my fault, I'm wondering however if you could offer any advice? What does this area of the PCB achieve? I am happy to attempt a board repair if you are able to advise on the components required." Only one of those 3 points gained a response and that resulted in "Just buy a new one" effectively. An acceptable response would have been something along the l
  3. No idea why I didn't think to include this previously. Thank you. EDIT: Wonder if the corrosion on the empty pads left of C622 are the cause... A Schematic would help so much here...
  4. It's how it was put across. "just replace it" as opposed to "sorry our engineering department isn't prepared to share that information Sorry we could not help on this occasion" Just seems so rude. Had they told the truth which is "I'm not sure what it is you are actually asking and copy and pasting this template allows me to do the bare minimum to get paid at the end of the month, I also can't be bothered asking anyone higher up". It would have been a lot better, It may have even brought a smile to my face. I can also guarantee there are indeed other manufacturers that
  5. Hello all, TLDR is that I have killed one of my my EVGA 980Ti SC+ (reference board) after a minor watercooling mishap and wondering if anyone would be able to help provide advice on a board repair. Or perhaps troubleshooting steps beyond the generic "have you tried another slot". Looking for how to properly test the pcb and determine what exact component needs to be replaced. (Further info Below) ------- Firstly this is my communication with EVGA: Hello, My 980Tis SC+ cards have been absolutely great since my purchase around the release date and have no issues
  6. Ok I'm pretty sure you've hit the nail on the head there @Radium_Angel. Played some MW2 spec ops for an hour, turned the pc off via shutdown and it wouldn't post. The same half on state I previously described. Switched the CPU power and 24 pin to run from a unbranded 300W PSU and it posts right away, tried it a few more times and success every time. Switched the CPU power and 24 pin back to the originals and it went back into that half on state again! Just goes to show a fresh brain always helps, thank you so much for you input. I'd never thought about the voltage being f
  7. Ok I have another PSU to test when I get home. Will keep you updated. EDIT: @Radium_Angel so, I get home and its working completely fine again, not sure if leaving the PSU power off all day has done the trick? will stress the system then see if it starts happening.
  8. This sometimes happens when a UWP app is being rendered at the same time as a game across multiple monitors. This may be of some help? Wonder if its the videos that autoplay on facebook?
  9. yeah I get that, but at 4.8 it seems to run happily and still hits the mark you'd expect, I think I got very lucky with my CPU as at the time there was a site selling '4.8GHz validated' 6700Ks at almost double the price, meanwhile I could get 4.9GHz with very little effort, 1.4V I think. Of course to be on the safe side I didn't run at those clocks outside of benchmarks etc.. In regards to physical damage I've checked everything except the socket itself (haven't had the time to drain, dismantle, rebuild etc.. quite yet). (profile pic is my PC) Hard to see how there could be any d
  10. I suppose if all else fails I can try using a 4S Lipo I use for racing quads up to it. I could do with an excuse for an upgrade
  11. I'll see if I can find one to borrow or rip out of an old system at work, even if its a 350W unbranded and I can get it to boot consistently I guess its a step forward. Its strange how it doesn't explain the first couple of instances of this happening, Block pressure etc... perhaps unrelated? EDIT: @Radium_Angel The PSU is spec'd as having multiple 12V rails, maybe a different socket on the PSU side for the CPU power may be worth a shot?
  12. Ahh that's another thing I did try (stock clocks I'll add that too) also a result of a CMOS reset, sorry there's so much info its easy to miss the odd bit I guess. Shame I don't have another PSU to try. so you are saying it may not be able to deliver the full wattage at 12V? Its possible but i find it hard to believe as even after a 6 hour gaming session yesterday after I did get it to post it was seemingly completely fine.
  13. Oh wow, no 1.36V now I will edit to clarify.
  14. Hello all, So this one has been really bugging me despite my experience in PCs, for all those who fancy a challenge perhaps, Not at home at the moment but will provide as much detail as I can. Specs: CPU - 6700K @ 4.8GHz (completely Stable) GPUs - 980Ti (2x SLI) (Moderate OC) RAM - 16GB Dominator Platinum @ 2666Mhz Mobo - ASUS Z170 Deluxe PSU - Corsair RM1000i Cooling - Custom dual loop hardline loops - 2x 480 EK rads (the really thick ones, the 'XE' series I think?) - full cover EK blocks on the GPUs along with the Supr
  15. Thank you very much for the suggestion. There were some Driver updates, no significant changes removing these. Disabling Windows Defender (have no other AV) didn't make any difference also unfortunately. Funny you should mention Hardware utilisation as this is something I was slightly concerned about ever since i got into PCs ~10 years ago but something I'd just accepted as being normal (low utilisation). I have a heavily modified (for my use) version of a hardware monitoring Rainmeter skin running on my other monitors so I can look during gameplay: https://www.devianta