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My GPU temps suddenly has -13 degrees that it has a few moments ago when idle, is this bad?? what is happening

So, i don't know, some minutes ago my GPU had an idle temperature of 61 degrees, then i applied the overclock from msi afterburner to it and it was 63 degrees, and then a few moments ago i looked at it and i have -14 degrees than that, currently is sitting at 49 degrees, what happened?? i'm scared hahah


It is still going down!! 48 degrees, wtfff (EDIT: it reached 46 degrees)


I have a mobile workstation (dell precision m6600) with the quadro 3000m


Btw i'm watching 1080p 60fps video on youtube full screen, gpu is still sitting at 48 degrees, i have no clue what's happening, never happened before, i don't know this shouldn't be anything bad, but its hella weird, happening out of nowhere and even when i overclocked the card


I just restarted the laptop, now with msi afterburner's overclock off it is back to 60+ degrees, that was too weird


i mean, i would want that low temps all day but i just think it is too weird to be good, i don't know, i don't think ill be using msi afterburner's overclock for now, just in case
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My guess is it's using a different fan curve, or disabled auto fan shutoff, pop open the monitor and look at the fan speed graph.

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I actually think it's weirder and potentially more troubersome by the fact that your GPU reach 60 degree while idle, it shouldn't even reach 40 in a good airflow case


just for comparison my 3080 got 65 at most at full load, I will be very concern if I got that kind of temp while not actively game or work on GPU intensive task

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