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  1. In my mind Mordhau and For Honour are like the same game haha
  2. This "Looking for waifu, please" reminded me of "lemme smash" hahah
  3. I see, I'll look for some gameplay of it
  4. I meant games that had missions and stuff or similar like cod, also didnt understand half of your message
  5. I could try those, probably my 450Mhz core speed gpu could play them well haha
  6. What I was going to say about the first video is that looks pretty neat, feels like I could be somewhere in the world of The Witcher or GoT and thats pretty cool, sounds like a good game but its a shame that my laptop has a potato GPU xd
  7. Do you go in big missions in that game where you kill a lot of enemy soldiers with bows crossbows and melee weapons?
  8. Oh, looks like a pretty cute game
  9. Does Chivalry have campaign mode?
  10. Hello, what about a medieval Call of Duty where you complete missions with bows and crossbows and melee weapons, is there something like that already?
  11. He said he wanted to get the 1650 but it was 175 dollars over budgets so he wanted to reduce the cost somehow
  12. Yep doesnt, with it disabled videos still get the RIFE Ai interpolation, somehow
  13. Thats lookin a bit more than for "light gaming" haha
  14. Hello, I was playing a video with Smooth Video Project, then I closed SVP and a video I was playing with the RIFE Ai option kept playing at 48 FPS, I restarted the laptop and now every video I play seems to be getting interpolated, even with SVP closed, at least thats what PotPlayer and MSI Afterburner are telling me, like in this gif https://gyazo.com/45941e69e88decfa6cb8cff0c7da80fe not sure what is going on, do you guys? thank you in advance
  15. But it does work with Pot tho, like this https://gyazo.com/9e7750d910c628127f26a8956a507c77 I dont remember because I haven't used it in a while but it did weird things with the subtitles and resolution some times and I had to fix it myself
  16. Yeah I used to use MPC but it was messy so I moved to PotPlayer, I was trying to see if I could see the FPS in real time in VLC too because it seems like I fucked up something with the audio in PotPlayer and it doesn't seem to get back to normal even if I reset to default haha
  17. Hello, so, I use a program that is called SVP to interpolate the FPS of my videos from 24 to 60 for example, and I use MSI Afterburner with Riva Tuner to see the FPS at what the video is playing or whatever, but the OSD doesnt work with VLC, only with PotPlayer that is the one I use, I post this here for if any of you could have any idea on how could it make it show up in VLC, thank you in advance
  18. Oh, it happens once in a while and with restarting it goes back to normal so I prefer to not screw with things for now but thanks for the suggestion
  19. I haven't, but I don't think it would had matter because as I said it seems like the resolutions bug out, but if it happens again I can try it and see if it does something